Boeing Resources for Injured workers

On Site Physical Therapy

Boeing offers physical therapy for employees that is located on site next to the Boeing medical office. The therapy office has many well trained therapists who can take care of all of your therapy needs from head to toe. Patients who are injured on the job, have the added benefit of getting paid during their therapy visit.

Boeing Industrial Athlete Program

Like professional athletes training for competition, the Boeing Industrial Athlete Program takes aim at eliminating pain and improving the physical resilience of employees. This voluntary, on-hour workplace program focuses on hourly employees in physically demanding jobs and provides free services at the worksite. Initially, it is being offered in Everett and Renton. IAM/ Boeing Joint Programs IAM C.R.E.S.T. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors; Exercise Physiologists from Boeing Health and Fitness; and Physical, Occupational, and Massage Therapists from Argosy Health/ Boeing Medical all work together to provide services at the worksite before an injury occurs.