I injured my shoulder at work and then through a year of swimming, racquetball, yoga and other physical activities, I aggravated it to the extent that I had constant pain. I first saw Dr. Codsi after working with his PA and trying some treatments including physical therapy and injections which decreased but did not alleviate the pain. Dr. Codsi recommended Heller therapy which was a huge improvement and alleviated the majority of my pain for a few months but then it returned. Before having surgery I went to a physician in Seattle for a second opinion and he said if another injection did not help then I would need surgery. He gave me an injection which was excruciatingly painful and did not help with the shoulder pain whatsoever, unlike my previous steroid injection. I talked with Dr. Codsi the next day and decided to have surgery.

Comparing the two offices of the Seattle physician and Dr. Codsi’s office I would have to say that Dr. Codsi’s office staff were extremely friendly, helpful and made me feel as if they had all sorts of time to spend helping me with my concerns. I did not feel the same way in Seattle.

After surgery, true to what Dr. Codsi had warned me, it took at least 6 months for the majority of healing, and truly a year before I had full recovery. I did need physical therapy after surgery and again even greater help was Heller therapy to get greater range of motion back. I do not have complete range of motion but I do have about 95% use of my shoulder. I am swimming again, I play racquetball for up to 2hrs. at a time, and I have no problem doing yoga or any other activities I previously enjoyed. I may have brief discomfort in my shoulder after these activities, but it quickly goes away.

I have recommended Dr. Codsi to other people who have likewise had very positive experiences and outcomes. At all times I felt that he not only listened to my concerns, but had the knowledge and skills to help treat my problem, was honest with what I could expect from all options and did not simply rush into surgery but gave me ideas and suggestions for other conservative treatments.

I injured my shoulder falling off of a truck during the day at work while performing my usual duties as a Lineman for the power company. It became worse over the next couple weeks to the point where I could not move my arm. This was frightening due to the fact that my job depended on the full function of my upper body to execute my regular duties. My other concern was that I live by myself and had no one to depend on for help physically. The pain was excruciating and made me miserable during the day as well as keeping me up at night.

Adding to this was the frustrating process of paperwork through L&I and wondering if there was permanent damage that would change my life forever. It wasn’t looking good as odds seemed to be against me.

I was referred to Dr. Codsi and after meeting him, I felt like there was finally someone on my side. His office took charge of everything from paperwork, maintaining employment with a job I love, and making my home life more comfortable.

After surgery, I felt immediate relief from the injury and they made sure I had every advantage towards recovery with almost no distractions.

Today I am living my life as if nothing ever happened, and I am amazed of the outcome after once feeling as if there was no hope of doing the things I love. It was an amazing experience that I can never forget that I could not find anywhere else. I owe it to myself and Dr. Codsi and his staff for making this possible.

They are the best at what they do and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

I endured constant nagging pain for 6 ½ years after re-injuring a previous rotator cuff surgery. I have always known that I can endure a high level of pain, but six plus years is obstinate!

I met Dr. Codsi when Dr. Hartley of your Stanwood clinic treated my 94 year old mother for a fall she obtained at the feed store. Dr Hartley told me “He’s one of our best; he only works on elbows and shoulders.” I also heard the word shoulders… Mom had a small elbow chip break. While briefly waiting to see Dr. Codsi, I noticed a medical paper in a frame on his wall regarding rotator cuff surgery. I read it as fast as I could and recognized myself in that article. I appreciated the kind care, common sense, and attention to detail Dr. Codsi showed to mom and me. When I brought mom in for the follow-up visit, I was able to read more of the rotator cuff article and asked him for the complete copy. Upon talking, Dr. Codsi told me that the Everett Clinic also is able to do surgery for Group Health, for which I’ve been a member for about 40 years. That was it! I hoped that he would be the doctor for my rotator cuff surgery that I know I long past needed. I was thrilled he agreed.

The upper arm, back, shoulder and neck pain VANISHED the morning Dr. Codsi finished surgery. I now smile when I remember him saying, “You’ll be a new woman.” I’m the same woman but very exceedingly thankful for Dr. Codsi’s understanding, his fantastic medical skills, superb knowledge and outstanding medical care. My shoulder was given a new chance of being normal again! I am very thankful that he’s my doctor. My surgery is a gift of health.

Having a regular shoulder again, and no pain is a real gift! I feel like a new woman.

After several years of dealing with pain in my left shoulder and the progressively decreasing range of motion and quality of life with the prescribed physical therapy from my insurance company/health care provider, I requested to be seen outside of my network. I was directed to The Everett Clinic and was able to have Dr. Codsi examine my shoulder. During the examination, Dr. Codsi was very thorough and immediately took my care in his hands. After a few short visits, it was discovered that I had a growing calcium deposit in my left shoulder and all the previous therapy was aggravating it even more. We scheduled an operation immediately and, not knowing what to expect, Dr. Codsi and his wonderful staff eased my worries and helped me through the operation. During and directly after the operation, everything went great.

I was required to return to my insurance company/health care provider for physical therapy for my operation recovery, but because the therapist could not see me for several weeks, my shoulder froze with scar tissue. Again, I requested to be seen and return to Dr. Codsi at that time. It was recommended that I undergo another surgery to clean out the scar tissue and so I did. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am now since my shoulder has been fixed by Dr. Codsi. My quality of life was on a constant downfall because I was not able to do all of the things that I love like skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, exercising, swimming and even being able to sleep peaceful at night. I am now able to do all of those things and more since I have the strength and mobility that I used to have. Because of Dr. Codsi and his highly professional and wonderful staff, I would highly recommend Dr. Codsi to anyone.