Scheduling Surgery

After you discuss the risks and benefits of surgery with Dr. Codsi, and you decide to have surgery, you will need to schedule the surgery. This can be done in the office or at home. If you are in the office, Dr. Codsi will send you to the waiting room and a surgery scheduler will call your name. The scheduler will give you some options to choose from based on Dr. Codsi’s surgery schedule. He operates Monday, Wednesday, and Thurday. You will also schedule your preoperative appointment if you need one, so you can sign all of the paperwork need for surgery, get your pain medications for after surgery, and get fitted for a sling if needed. You will then be scheduled for an office visit with Dr. Codsi 10-14 days after your surgery. At this time, Dr. Codsi will review any surgery photos with you and discuss the first steps of rehabilitation for your surgery. A second postoperative appointment will be arranged with his physician assistant 6 weeks after surgery. At that time, your arm will be evaluated to make sure you are doing well and the next step in the rehabilitation process will be given to you.

L & I patients

If you have an L&I injury, we must get approval from L&I before scheduling your surgery. Our office will take care of all the paperwork to get approval. The process will usually take 2 weeks. Once we get approval, the surgery schedulers will call you at home to schedule the surgery and all of your appointments.