Preop Visit

The preop office visit is needed to make sure you are fully prepared for surgery. First, all of your medical history and your medications will be reviewed to make sure everything is up to date. Your blood pressure will be taken to make sure it is not too high or low. We will need to know which pharmacy you will use to get your medications so we can fax them to the correct one. Dr. Codsi or his physician assistant will review the procedure with you and ask you to sign a consent form that spells out the most common risks of the surgery. You will be given prescriptions for your pain medications at this visit so you can get them filled at the pharmacy before your surgery. We give them to you early for your convenience so you are not waiting in a pharmacy after your surgery, and we trust that you will not use them until after your surgery. Finally, you will be fitted for a sling if you will need one after surgery. Take the sling home and wear it for a few hours so you know what it will be like to eat, go to the bathroom, prepare a meal and sleep while the arm is immobilized in the sling. Most importantly, do not forget to bring the sling to surgery so we can use it after the surgery.

Preop Nurse phone call

If you are having surgery at our outpatient surgery center, a nurse will call you two days before your surgery. The nurse will review all of your medical history and your medications with you. This may seem repetitive, but it is done for your safety. If a mistake with your history was made earlier, we can correct it and make sure that you are not harmed during your surgery. So please try not to be frustrated by the redundancy of the nurse’s questions. The nurse will also give you important instructions about what to do before your surgery, including when to stop eating or drinking. If you do not follow these instructions exactly, we will have to cancel your surgery.